Bikes & Brands We Service

We love all bikes! Whether it is one, two, or three wheel(s), our certified mechanics will be happy to help you get back on the trail or road. We offer service on a limited number of eBikes, but unfortunately, we cannot repair bicycles purchased through certain/some online retailers. Feel free to contact us for specific brand servicing.

Free Repair Estimate

Over the phone, it’s difficult to estimate how much your bike repair will cost. Bring in your bike to our downtown location at 50 South Richardson Street and we will happily estimate how much your repair will cost at no charge to you.

Reedy Riders Tune-Up

Safety check and Single Speed/Fixie Tune ($45):

  • Wipe down frame
  • Adjust front and rear brakes
  • Lubricate drivetrain
  • Torque check
  • Test ride
  • Accessory installs a la carte
  • Consumables not included

Cleveland Tune-Up ($75)

  • Includes safety check tune
  • Lubricates cables and housing
  • Shifter flush
  • Minor wheel true
  • Accessory installs a la carte
  • Consumables not included

Unity Tune-Up ($105)

  • Includes Safety and Cleveland Tune-ups
  • Trues both wheels
  • Bottom Bracket/Headset adjustment
  • Minor hub adjustments
  • Bearing rebuilds a la carte
  • Accessory installs a la carte
  • Consumables not included

Trailblazer Tune-Up ($225)

  • Includes Safety, Cleveland, and Unity Tune-Ups
  • Full bicycle rebuild
  • Includes cables/housing
  • Includes accessory install
  • Consumables not included

Bike Build (contact us for brands we service/build)

  • $75 for non eBike
  • $120 for eBike

Individual Repair Services

Maybe your bike doesn’t need a “tune-up”. No problem! Reedy Rides also provides individual repair services, from simple-shifting adjustments to complicated suspension rebuilds. Below are a few of the many services we offer.


  • Adjust Derailleur (each) – $15
  • Adjust Both Derailleurs – $28


  • Adjust Brake (each) – $12
  • Adjust Brake (both) – $22
  • Bleed Hydraulic Brake (each) – $35
  • Bleed Hydraulic Brake (Both) – $65


  • Size and Install Chain – $12cassette install
  • Install New Cassette – $12instal
  • Install New Crank and BB – $45
  • Creak / Noise Diagnostic – $75/hr


  • Install Tire and Tube (each) – $10
  • True Wheel (minor) – $15/wheel
  • True Wheel (major) – $25/wheel
  • eBike Rear Tire/Tube – $30

eBike Diagnostic: $30 
General labor rate: $75/hour

Technical Needs

We offer technical services as well. These items are priced based on the work needed.

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